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  • This tool helps to manage the number of trucks, part information, Logistics nonconformance and manage the Truck turnaround time in a digital way.

    Earlier the process is managed manually with ledgers, mails and phone communication, and there was a manual process to understand the efficiency. With this digitized tool, the team can monitor the trucks coming in, turnaround time, # of parts unloaded, shortage / damage issues with automatic mail communication, manage the docks.

    Problem in Existing system

    When a truck arrives at the gate and until it leaves the gate, all the processes are managed manually using ledgers. Process like truck turnaround time, traceability, GRN information, Logistics nonconformance follow up, GRN hold parts location, efficiency, etc are all managed using the ledger entry. It was difficult for the team to understand the efficiency and improve it. There are lots of NVA like tracing the part information back with GRN number, truck details, shortage / damage issues.


    A single tool / software which has to capture the information and real time display all the information with efficiency and improves traceability. By removing the ledger entries, and making it online, this will help the team to take real time decisions to improve the processes. One tool which should help us to track the part status in real time, where the status can be seen by buyers, managers, team leads with a dashboard, and GRN hold status with location can be seen to avoid NVA.


    Benefits of the system are as follows

    Digital display of real time information in dashboard

    Improved the traceability of the parts with required information

    Improved the truck turnaround time by 40% by managing the docks

    Reduced the truck / container holding charges by getting digital report of truck holding time

    Reduced 15% of manpower with improved dock availability and reducing NVA

    GRN hold parts resolution time improved by 30%

  • Tracking Employee Performance result starting from Preliminary Test, Theory Test, Practical and Viva.

    Planned Training list - Training records and calendar

    Mapping the skill worker against the Processes in the site, managing the skill assessment of the operator.

    Plan the training based on the competency gap and execute accordingly.

    Rotate the people against the processes that they have been trained before.

    Track Employee Exit details - Outgoing Employees details

  • In this tool anyone in the line can raise a urgent delivery request, which will be shown in the warehouse screen.

    This request will pop up in the digital screen in the warehouse with a burning symbol

    When the request is acknowledged by the warehouse team, the time will be noted and symbol changed to processing.

    If the material is available immediately it will be supplied to line.

    In case of material is coming from supplier immediately after the vehicle reaches the gate at the time of doing gate entry alert will be send to gate user to send the vehicle inside without any delay.

    Once the request is processed, the warehouse team will change the status to completed.

  • This tool helps to identify number of Material handlers inside the facility.

    Assigning target for each Material Handlers and to find Actual vs Target.

    Statistical data to track best and least performance.

    Process :

    Each Material handler will be given with Rfid Card

    At the time of stating the shift he will scan the Rfid card.

    Each time when the Material handlers start new job they will do scanning.

    Based on the job assigned software will start calculating the performance.

  • Finding difficult in managing inventory?

    Do you want to reduce loading and unloading?

    Finding difficult to identify material location?

    Struggling to find which product to be consumed first without knowing the expiry?

    Do you want to know process Lead time and Waste Barrier?

    To know more about the product pleas contact us.

  • If you are flight booking agent, Courier company or doing any dispatching service, your business can become more effective and save money with our Cargo Erp software."

    Features :

    Digitalization entire logistics operations.

    Online TCR generation.

    Updating the delivery status for the packets.

    Managing the 3rd party booking like Rail, bus, ship and Air.

    Printing of all invoices.

    Consignee, Consignor, employee and delivery executive’s management.

    Helps separate accounts for cash on delivery by delivery agent.

    Automatic Reminders via SMS and mail.

    Digital proof of delivery and documentation.

  • Are you finding difficult to meet your Demand and deliver on time? Then we have a best solution for you.

    Features :

    Know when to produce and how much to produce.

    Production priority queue is automatically updated based on the planning and demand.

    Get Alert when the stock falls below safety level.

    Track Amount of material required for production based on the plan and demand.

    Considering Planned qty, produced qty and Available Raw material changeover happens Automatically.

    Create all necessary MIS Reports for Management.

  • This software is suitable to build a digital communication between Sub Assembly & Assembly to plan their production.

    Initial Setup :

    Three levels of login will be provided to the user (Admin, employee and operator).

    Supermarket consists of multiple racks, each racks are composed of rows and cells. Our software will provide the user an option to specify the rows and cells for each rack and the status of each cell will be displayed in the dashboard.

    Every bins will contain a unique barcode. This barcode needs to be mapped with the product. Every bin will contain details like material name, max. qty,etc.

    Inwards :

    An operator needs to scan the barcode in the rack 's cell present in the Inward location first and then the barcode in the bin to inward the products.

    During this process the bin's material max quantity will be automatically fetched and Inwarded into the supermarket.

    Outwards :

    An operator needs to scan the barcode in the rack's cell present at the Outward location first and then the barcode in the bin to outward the products.

    During this process the bin's material actual quantity that has been Inwarded will be automatically fetched and gets Outwarded from the supermarket.

    Display :

    A graphical representation of parts quantity will be displayed on the operator's dashboard.

    Different color codes and conditions will be assigned for the chart and based on the conditions the color of each bar will be changed (red, yellow, green).

    A pictorial representation of each racks in the supermarket will shown in the operator's screen.

    A total list of part nos available in the supermarket will be displayed.